"I was just talking to a couple of people about WCP Solar and my solar installation. I have nothing but good things to say to anyone who asks. My last electric bill was $0.00 and the month before it was $18.00. I am completely satisfied with the job that WCP Solar did and I look forward to many years of trouble free operation." Bryan Gravenhorst
Here at WCP Solar, customer satisfaction is our number one priority. We aim to provide excellent service and have been fortunate enough to work with some amazing people in the process. Here are some real life testimonials from previous clients.
"For anyone looking to go Solar, my recommendation is WCP Solar. WCP Solar is unsurpassed. What the customer is told will be delivered is done effectively and on time." William Thoman
“We worked with WCP on a groundbreaking project and were satisfied with the overall integrity of their work and how reasonable they were with changes in the plan or concerns we had. We expect to work with them again.” ~Travis Solberg~

Great experience from a Commercial Client

"Dr. Everton Walters of WCP Solar has provided professional and expeditious service on the design and production of my new solar power plant. His patience, positive attitude and constant smiles helped me through a very technical and complicated process and with his guidance I am now on my way to a greener future."

Steve Chirico, Great Western Flooring Company

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