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CdTe Solar

CdTe Solar Panel

Compared to crystalline silicon solar panel, our thin film solar panel generates 5-10% more electricity on average every year.  Learn more



Read about some of our most current solar projects and learn what it can do for you.


Grants / Incentives

In addition to saving on your monthly electricity bill there are several options to reduce the price of your solar system.



Among the many ways to save using Solar Energy, selling “Solar Renewable Energy Credits” is another way to save /make money off a Solar Panel System!


Photovoltaic Systems

We aim to improve business's by delivering effective solar solutions based on green innovative technologies and clean designs. 

  • Residential
  • Commercial
  • Industrial
  • Government

Our work and projects change the way people perceive the solar industry. Discover the variety of services we offer by navigating through our easy to use website. We love building green, effective and usable solutions. Allow us to be your solution!

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