WCP Solar was contracted to design and construct a ground & rooftop mounted solar system for the City of Plano Water Reclamation Facility, located in Plano, Illinois. This ComEd grid connected Distributed Generation system will generate enough electricity to provide power to more than 78% of the facility electrical needs. 

The City of Plano Goes SolarThis project is sized at 1137.6-kWp1, using 3,160 CSUN 360-72M Monocrystalline panels rated at 360-W for the ground and rooftop mounted solar system. The system employs 16 Solectria PVI 60TL string inverters appropriately sized to convert the DC energy produced by the solar plant into AC energy.

In addition to providing significant energy savings, the solar system will produce approximately 1,433 Solar Renewable Energy Credits (SREC's) annually. A favorable Power Purchase Agreement for 25 years was forged with The City of Plano saving more than 50% of their current utility energy rates.

The WCP Solar construction management team will oversee all phases of the construction process, including the day to day operations, weekly subcontractor, and Owner meetings, site monitoring, quality assurance and control, and scheduling.

The Solar System will be the largest ground and rooftop mounted system in The City of Plano, Illinois. Estimated completion date December 2018.


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