Naperville Liposuction Institute

Located in the heart of Naperville just north of the busy Naperville Train Station the Liposuction Institute contracted WCP Solar to design and build a roof mounted system on top of their building.

This grid connected system ties directly into the City of Naperville Utility’s power grid and generates enough electricity to provide power to more than 40% of the power needs of the facility.

The project was sized at 10-kWp, using 40 photovoltaic roof mounted panels. The system also employs two 5 -kW inverters to convert the 17MW-h of DC energy into AC energy that is used to provide more than 40% of the annual electrical energy needs of the facility.

In addition to providing significant energy savings, the company received a state rebate over $12,000, federal tax credit of over $12,000.00, and a grant from the City of Naperville for $10,000. Based on the incentives received by the company and the energy savings being experienced, the system was completely paid off with 1 year from the date of commissioning.  

The project was commissioned within 2 weeks from the issuance of the construction permit while the WCP Solar construction management team oversaw all phases of the construction process, including the day to day operations, weekly subcontractor and Owner meetings, site monitoring, quality assurance and control, and scheduling.

Completed on June 6, 2012, this project was another example of strong design management and project leadership by the WCP Solar team.

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