WCP Solar was contracted to design and install a ballasted rooftop mounted solar photovoltaic system and an associated battery system to provide frequency regulation to be hosted at a Manufacturing Firm, located in Itasca, Illinois. This grid connected system ties directly into ComEd power grid as well as PJM's frequency regulation market. The solar PV system will generate enough electricity to provide the power needs of the facility.

ITASCA MANUFACTURING FIRM GOES SOLARThe project is sized at 635-kWp, using 1,270 Apex XT-M TenK panels rated at 500-W and inverter bus to power the operation of the rooftop Solar system. The 1-MW battery system employs JP3-2P LG Chem Lithium-Ion batteries with a 95% Frequency Regulation performance score. The Ingeteam battery system inverter is rated at 1000TL U B360.

In addition to providing significant energy savings and powering the plant, the solar system will produce significant revenue from selling approximately 800 Solar Renewable Energy Credits (SREC's) produced annually. The system also attracts a 30% federal tax credit, depreciate system over a 5 years Federal Tax Modified Accelerated Cost Recovery System (MACRS) and utility rebate. It is estimated, that based on the incentives received and energy savings being experienced, the entire cost of the system will be recovered within the first year of operation of the system.

The WCP Solar construction management team will oversee all phases of the construction process, including the day to day operations, Owner meetings, site monitoring, quality assurance and control, and scheduling.

The Solar System will be the largest Ten-K duo system as well as the largest battery system installed in the state of Illinois. Estimated completion date May, 2017.

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