Joliet Goes Solar

WCP Solar was contracted to design and construct a residential roof mounted solar system located in Joliet, Illinois. This grid connected system ties directly into the Commonwealth Edison Utility’s (ComEd) power grid and generates enough electricity to provide power to more than 90% of the home electrical needs.

Joliet Goes SolarThe project was sized at 9.00-kWp1, using 30 Canadian Solar photovoltaic panels rated at 300-W mounted on a 30 degree tilted roof. The system also employs 1 Sunny Boy 8000-US-Kw AC rated string inverter to convert the DC energy produced by the solar System into AC energy.

1 Estimated production of over 255 Tons of CO2 - Equivalent to Planting over 5961 trees or driving reduced by 511,100 auto miles, or 26,096 gallons of gasoline.

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